Hello! My name is Serafina Weinhold Andersen and I am the creator of Careering 101, the place where stories of all kinds of career paths are told to motivate and inspire you to find your own dream profession.


After I finished my masters degree in August 2015, I moved to Spain for 4 months to learn Spanish and to give myself some time to figure out what to do next. I was struggling as I had so many options of where in the world to apply and to what companies for which positions. I felt lost, which is when I came up with the idea for this project. 


Every week I go out and find one person with an interesting career story and create an eight to ten minute video for you to watch. My goal is to collect as many different stories as possible from all corners of the world. I don't just want to find paths of conventional success but also look for the unusual, the special. There are so many careers out there that we haven't even heard of. 


From the beginning I knew that I wanted to share these interviews with you. I am sure that many of you are feeling the same and could make use of professionals telling their stories about how they got to where they are now.